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Well I finally did it! I got my web page up and running, the shop page connecting and running and now I'm attempting a blog page as well! This is totally foreign territory to me, so many concerns. Will I have enough to say to keep you my public interested? Well despite my concerns, here I go! Welcome to my Blog for CH Soaping Designs. I will mostly try and focus on soap designs and creations from my workshop, but please excuse me if I get a little off course from time to time!

So last night I went into my workshop and finished Phase 3 of the Girlfriends Getaway soaps. These soaps will only be promoted at the Girlsfriends Getaway Weekend in the Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville. I've made a limited quantity of them. They will never be made again. If by chance I have any left over after the weekend I will promote the remainder on the shop feature.

So how are these soaps made? Well I started off by pouring little purses, shoes, lipsticks and crowns. I than embellished them once they were dry with some sparkly gems.

Next step was to pour the base, scented with Yuzu. The base is heart shaped, with a amethyst and white swirl pattern.

Final step was to decorate the tops with a light purple soap frosting and place the embellishments on top. Finally I glittered the heck out of them!

I think they turned out rather cute! Now to figure out the right packaging for them! its never just as simple as making them soap, you than have to package them making sure you don't take away from the beautiful design.

My next blog I will talk to you about why I got into soap making and why I love it. I will also go over the ingredients I use in my soaps.

Hope you all have a nice Fall day!

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