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Something New Coming Soon!

Infused thyme in the jar with thyme essential oil? Hmm what could I be up to now?

Just waiting on a few more new products to show up and i will create! Once created I will reveal what this is all about.

CH Soaping Designs has been listening to all your special requests and will be busy bringing a few of them to life!

On my Facebook I posted the above picture as a teaser too and one of my loyal customers and bestie guessed a lip balm but she was wrong 🙃. However it is a brilliant idea. I do have thyme essential oil coming in that is not therapeutic grade and can be used for lips. So maybe I will have to make this as well! Thanks bestie!

With the ice storms happening across Ontario today I hope everyone is hunkered down in the severe hit areas and have supplies on hand to get through it. Please be safe!

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