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Soap Soap and more Soap

The last couple of days have been very fertile in the workshop. Two Christmas soaps, two regular line soaps and a first for CH Soaping Designs, a salt soap.

What fun! Being creative is not always easy, sometimes the mind goes blank but you know you have to make another soap. So as you stand they looking over all the mica colours you have in front of you, wondering will this combination be eye appealing, how will I pour it it to be tasteful in its design. You start to feel exasperated and suddenly it all works out and another creation is born.

At the end of the day you look at all the soap drying and you feel accomplished!

Sometimes I try to imagine my customer and what their needs are, what their decor is, etc. This only frustrates me more. That’s when I walk away and get back in Touch with my creative mind and block out what others want. In the end I feel like I’ve accomplished what is wanted.

So the Christmas soaps I was able to cut today turned out absolutely gorgeous! The scent on the one fills my workshop making me craves Irish cream coffee! Here is a sneak preview. They will of course be available for sale in 4 weeks.

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