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Soap of the Month!

It’s officially gonna happen. Once a month I am going to release a soap of the month. Once created and cut it will be available for preorder and will be sent out at beginning of the month. February is a little late for availability and I apologize for that. But it is available prior to Valentines!

Kiss my Champagne Butt is for anyone. Those that love to celebrate valentines and those that don’t. It’s pretty and it’s romantic but it is also a little sassy! Perfect for anyone!

CH Soaping Designs will also be releasing subscription boxes once a month starting in March. The contents of these boxes will of course contain some soap! But there will be other stuff as well. Whether it be another yummy creation like bath bombs, scrubs etc. It could also containdecor items. Price point will be determined soon and I guarantee it to be fun!

So don’t delay once we release the subscription box link. Sign up and experience some pampering meant just for you!

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