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February 2020 ❤️❤️❤️

Welcome February, this is the start of new products, new packaging and a new outlook for CH Soaping Designs! We opened an Etsy shop on top of this! For the last 2 years we have dipped our feet in the soaping waters so to speak 😉. We’ve had some pretty great successes, some amazing loyal customers. Thank you for all your help making us who we are today! Going forward CH Soaping Designs will do a few shows throughout the year, we will post as we come closer to them, but our goal this year is to concentrate on the wholesale gift market, to get our product into stores!

This month Ch Soaping Designs has released a bunch of new products! Gift box soaps are, Unicorns Are Real, Northern Ontario, Rustic Garden and Limited Edition Square soaps. We’ve also released a new look to our everyday soaps! Going forward you will see 3 new scents per month in these. Simple everyday usable soap. Amongst our other releases this month is Laundry Soap puck, guest soaps, Shampoo bars and amazing, and yes I mean amazing hand and body cream! Stay tuned as the fun releases are just beginning. Next big release will happen on February 15 th, 2020. This one is a big deal! Stay tuned for the details! This one is close to the heart! CH Soaping Designs has also dipped their toes into making videos for YouTube! This is very scarey for me but it will help me work on my image I suppose. Lol. Search CHSoapingDesigns ( all one word) for our current video releases. We will try to release

one or two per month and maybe more as we get going! I may even make

more appearances on them. Lol. Well I can’t think of anything else to chat about today, so I’m just gonna sign off saying Thank you once again to our loyal customers for believing in us! 💋💋💋

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